Things are heating up…


As the temperature increases, the days left of school decrease…of course disproportionately. Every day marks a new count down; project completion, last day for grades, collection of books, class trip, etc. So, how are we, as teachers, supposed to leave our buildings ready to continue our practice over the summer.  Many of us have summer jobs, both working with or without children.  We have families and projects that have been sorely neglected.  And, don’t forget that great vacation that we have been waiting for ALL year as well.  Yet, teachers need to stay grounded in the fact that our job is not just a “job”, it is a profession which needs the appropriate level of attention and care.   Daniel Pink, the author of “Drive”, would say that teachers, like other adult humans, are motivated by three key ideas…autonomy, mastery, and purpose. If this is the case, then seeking time to reflect, learn, and rejuvenate our purpose, is key.

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