Finding Your Morsel

Oat Brannies 5 - 1

This morning I was constructing an email to a fellow educator trying to encourage them to seek a moment of success in every day.  I had observed that they had experienced a day with lots of obstacles and distractions from their main purpose. As I was typing, I realized, that even though this task was getting more and more difficult for me, the moments or should I say morsels, were still present. In fact, it was starting to seem as if I have to go digging for them, like I had to go digging under a rock to find one.  Yes, my morsels were present, but seemed more microscopic than ever before.

But why?  Was it the pressure and distraction coming from our daily mix of educational acronyms including, SGO, PARCC, CCSS, IEP, IR&S, accompanied by teacher evaluation and union conflict? Was it the ever changing shift in the teachers’ role and the pressures coming from parents? Was it the lack of effective planning time, coupled with the expectation to maintain professional learning?  Whatever the cause, I have been determined to find my micro morsel of success in every day.  My most satisfying morsels, the ones that keep me going, are those “yummy” moments when one of my students actually realizes that they could do something that they never thought they could do.  Without these morsels, I would be lost!





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