Limiting our Perspective

If the mostB-P5fWnCUAAoT_d valuable resource we have as teachers, is each other, then why is it so difficult to understand the importance of collaboration. I have found that educators who are not open to sharing opportunities, do, in fact, have a limited point of view. When I say not open, I mean those professionals that believe that they have nothing more to learn, let alone nothing more to share. What is most unfortunate, is that some teachers expect more of their students, than they do of themselves. We ask students to share, collaborate, create, accept constructive criticism, and have strong communication skills. Why don’t we ask this of ourselves.

Why does this seem so harsh? It is because, in a time where teachers are being looked at under a microscope and being asked for accountability, we should be banding and bonding together.  Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t mean as a union, I mean as a professional group of educators.  When we see each other as fellow professionals, we see learning and growth opportunities with helpful critical friends. We also see reciprocal support moments that take us beyond our comfort zones and help to transform us into the amazing educators that we strive to be.


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