Grow, Know, and Understand


The title of my blog post was inspired by a former colleague of mine that I do not get a chance to see very often.  But when we do, our discussions always seem to revolve around how we have grown as professionals, what we know now that we didn’t know then, and our new understandings that have come from our constant quest to be better educators.  Our time together typically leaves me in a reflective mode, while also charging me up to find new opportunities to grow.

Thankfully, I have found educational bloggers that also help me with my growing, knowing and understanding.  These bloggers don’t necessarily feed me with lesson ideas, teaching strategies, and many of the other important things that an educator would seek in reading a blog.  These bloggers instead feed my mind and speak to my soul about the very topics that help educators grow, know, and understand.  Topics such as mindset, student connectivity, human expectation & motivation, and questioning why we do what we do. Most importantly, they model for me how a growing educator should reflect on their practice.

Andrew Shauver

George Couros

Pernille Ripp

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