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It is at this time of year that I am forced to formally reflect on my practice as an educator. Why do I use the word forced? It is because most educators must go through some kind of summative process  in the month of May or June that shows evidence of reflection. This is a common experience for most, however, for some, it is not the “end all be all” of reflection.

At my summative meeting with my administrator this week, I was asked to show evidence of reflection.  At first, I was nervous that I could not provide any tangible proof. My immediate response was, “well, I reflect all the time”. To which he said, “I am sure that you do, but can you provide proof?” After an awkward pause, I admitted that I was not formally reflecting on my weekly lesson plans, but I was reflecting each and every day in other ways. As the discussion opened up, I realized that in fact I could show proof of my daily reflecting. Not the traditional way as expected, but in the new connected, more powerful way with the use of Twitter.

Thankfully, my administrator, allowed me a few moments to educate him in the role that Twitter has played in my professional life, not only as evidence for my reflection, but as evidence for my thinking.  As he pulled up my Twitter account, he was first hit with the amount of followers and tweets that I had compiled over the past three years.  There amongst the numbers, lied the data and evidence of daily reflection, daily thought, and daily wondering about my profession.  He was amazed to see the network of professionals that help me each and every day to reflect. He was amazed to see the breadth of topics that were discussed and pondered weekly. And finally, he was in awe of the amount of learning and growth as a professional that I have seen as the result of this powerful reflecting practice.

Further reflection-Link to the ASCD Art of Reflection Article




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One thought on “Reflecting About Reflecting

  1. Sounds like you maybe teaching your administrator as much as you are learning from your reflection. He is lucky to you on his staff.

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