Connect. Engage. Grow. Repeat!


Recently I came across a “tweeter” named Ollie Brazier (@brazier_10) who chose the words Connect, Engage, Grow, Repeat as his backdrop to his Twitter profile. I immediately identified with these words. In fact, it struck me that this has been my summer learning pattern.

Oh, what a summer of learning and sharing it has been! I have spent the past two months traveling the state of New Jersey visiting school districts, universities, and attending many purposeful conferences and trainings. My travels took me to the top of the state to Montvale for a Google Bootcamp, and as far south as Galloway to participate in TeachMeetNJ at Stockton University. In between, I spent time at FDU, Edison and Madison school districts, Edcamp Leadership in Wyckoff,  NJAMLE Summer Learning in Chester, and a Dyslexia conference in Glassboro.

Each week without realizing it, I repeated the same pattern of  connecting, engaging, and growing. Each event allowed me the opportunity to connect with amazing educators. Each location opened up an engaging environment for mutual learning. Each experience, whether as the teacher or the learner, pushed me to grow my practice.

As I start to reflect on my summer pilgrimage, the takeaways are many. Connectiveness is essential to bettering ones practice by learning with others. Engagement is necessary in order to be an active learner and participant in experiencing a new level of understanding. Growth is the amazing byproduct of sharing our knowledge with each other and applying new learning to enhance our profession. Above all, I now understand more than ever, that connecting, engaging, and sharing with others has an immediate positive impact on how my students learn.

Connect. Engage. Grow. Repeat.

Graphic by Sylvia Duckworth



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