Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid!



Wish I took more time to blog on a weekly basis.  It is an ultimate goal of mine to use blogging as a way to reflect on each week.  However, I typically get caught up in other things that take priority such as work, graduate studies, and most importantly, caring for my family. This weekend though I think it is important for me to take a few minutes and reflect on some thoughts that have been rolling around my head for some time.

Education, as you know, is a complex profession.  Unfortunately, it has been oversimplified by the media, breaking it down to new standards, assessments, teacher evaluation, and failing schools.  The media has in fact become the “Debbie Downer” of what is amazing and possible in educating our future members of society.  I believe this is having a major negative impact on the profession and the educators that are truly passionate about what they do.  It is becoming the very “fuel” that is encouraging conformity and complacency in our educators.  NO longer are they seen as highly qualified, trained professionals, but instead tenure touting contract crazy people.

Don’t drink this Kool-Aid!!!!  That’s what I want to shout out to all my fellow professionals out there that want to run and hide behind the walls of conformity and complacency.  Don’t lower your standards of excellence as a reaction to what others think of our profession.  Don’t blame the politicians, new directives, and parents for the reason you have stopped growing in your field.  Continue to question yourselves, find areas of improvement, extend your expertise, and be an incredible positive force in the lives of your learners.

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