This Monday, May 4th, marks the beginning of another Teacher Appreciation Week.  A week set aside to recognize, not only the individual hard working teacher, but the overall profession of being an educator.  What makes this year’s “week of the teacher” any different than others, is the sheer amount of connected educators joining together to tell their stories in a time when education is struggling through an identity crisis! This past week, social media has been flooded with a “call to action” for teachers to tweet and share about what #teachingis.

The Center for Teaching Quality has been a big proponent of getting the message out to all educators that it is time to shout out why, even in an obscure time in education, teaching is still an amazing profession. Please take a minute to check out this Link to #Teachingis info. Most, importantly, Join the Thunderclap, an amazing social media tool that makes our united message even louder!

To me, #teachingis a unique opportunity to help another human realize what they could do that they didn’t think they could dohelping to find one’s potential.

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