10 Things I Learned at #HPGAFE

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Today was a real “spark keeper”! Not only did I walk away with some fresh new ideas on how to enhance my learning environment, but I got to meet the one and only Alice Keeler @alicekeeler.  If you don’t know who that is, Google her or stalk her on Twitter!  You won’t be disappointed. Alice is known as the Google guru for Classroom, Sheets, and Forms. She is an amazing, innovative ball of energy with endless ideas and resources – Teacher Tech

My top 10 takeaways:

1) Use Read&Write for Google Chrome toolbar to annotate and add text to a PDF

2) Use Google Photos App to upload photos off of mobile devices (classroom iPads too!)

3) Use SummarizeThis App for Chrome to assist with summarizing informational text

4) Use the Speakit and BeeLine Reader Chrome extensions together to enhance the reading comprehension for students who are struggling readers or ELLs.

5) Use the Snagit Chrome extension to create 20 second GIFs

6) When sharing a YouTube video, enter the start time to shorten the video for your audience

7) Use the Splitscreen Chrome extension to be able to work in two different Google Apps side-by-side

8) Use a “back-channeling” tool such as TodaysMeet and post the transcripts to Google Classroom as discussion notes

9) Use Autocrat add-on to merge data on to frequently used templates and forms (Google Docs & Sheets)

10) Keep learning, sharing, and connecting…most importantly #keepthespark2016

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