Crossing the Great Divide-Where Education and the Corporate World Meet

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 8.54.37 PMThis past spring, I was extremely fortunate to attend a corporate leadership conference with my husband.  He works for a very large Fortune 500 insurance company.  Why was it fortunate for an educator to attend a corporate conference? That’s simple. As a lead learner in my classroom, I am personally responsible to guide my learners.  I cannot do that effectively, if I don’t know the direction in which my learners may be headed in the future.

As I sat amongst these corporate leaders, I was mesmerized about the future that they were projecting. A place where drones, satellites, Geo spatial analytics, and social media collide.  A place where our students have to be prepared to go!

Here are my top 5 takeaways (bring-backs) from the conference:

  1. Our learners have to use technology in a limitless, creative way.
  2. Our learners have to be able to use data to create.
  3. Our learners have to be able to use data to decide.
  4. Our learners have to understand how to utilize and analyze social media.
  5. And yes, of course, our learners have to understand the basics of communication, but with their own personal touch.


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