This Monday, May 4th, marks the beginning of another Teacher Appreciation Week.  A week set aside to recognize, not only the individual hard working teacher, but the overall profession of being an educator.  What makes this year’s “week of the teacher” any different than others, is the sheer amount of connected educators joining together to […]

Grow, Know, and Understand

The title of my blog post was inspired by a former colleague of mine that I do not get a chance to see very often.  But when we do, our discussions always seem to revolve around how we have grown as professionals, what we know now that we didn’t know then, and our new understandings […]

Limiting our Perspective

If the most valuable resource we have as teachers, is each other, then why is it so difficult to understand the importance of collaboration. I have found that educators who are not open to sharing opportunities, do, in fact, have a limited point of view. When I say not open, I mean those professionals that believe […]

Finding Your Morsel

This morning I was constructing an email to a fellow educator trying to encourage them to seek a moment of success in every day.  I had observed that they had experienced a day with lots of obstacles and distractions from their main purpose. As I was typing, I realized, that even though this task was […]

Teaching-A profession, not a job!

  This week in ELA, we have started talking about denotation and connotation.  At first the students were concerned with understanding these strange new terms, but they quickly caught on to their differences.  In fact, they enjoyed participating in a collaborative activity working with positive and negative connotations. As I was playing around with word sets myself, I […]

Teaching vs. Sharing

I recently viewed a Youtube video by Dean Shareski called the “Moral Imperative“.  The premise of his thoughts were that teachers need to do a better job at sharing.  In fact, it is a moral obligation that teachers should meet.  He even goes as far as to say, “that if teaching is sharing, then if […]

Things are heating up…

As the temperature increases, the days left of school decrease…of course disproportionately. Every day marks a new count down; project completion, last day for grades, collection of books, class trip, etc. So, how are we, as teachers, supposed to leave our buildings ready to continue our practice over the summer.  Many of us have summer […]